Solving the challenges of Edge computing

A story from the Edge

Working in the mining industry for many years, we saw first-hand how the environment affected the IT infrastructure used to run the business. What we needed didn’t exist. So, ten years ago we came up with a solution literally from the Edge: a remote mining town in Western Australia.

To reach the standard we wanted it had to be:

  • Easy  from selection to deployment, maintenance, and management
  • Robust able to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions
  • Fully-contained (think dust-free)  and complete (with software)
  • Cost-effective in terms of both infrastructure and energy usage
  • Scalable as you grow your business, you can grow your data centre
  • Secure from unwanted entry in the physical and cyber dimension
  • Reliable eliminating downtime from overheating and other causes
  • Vendor agnostic integrating all hardware and software seamlessly

The world’s smallest data centre

The savings are real.

Less floor space, less noise, less cooling, less energy expended, less downtime. You’ll see return on investment in months, not years. Our solutions suit any organisation downsizing their IT footprint.

And it’s easy.

Our customers wanted a simple process, so we’ve made it easy to buy, deploy, install and manage. No need for specialist IT skills, we’ve done the hard work for you.  We’ve got a decade of experience and leadership in highly secure Edge computing, which gives you the confidence to choose Zella DC.

Meet the uptime experts

A decade of relentless product innovation working in the Australian mining industry prepared us for challenging environments globally. We’re on a mission to make the Edge easy and protect your uptime.

Angie KeelerCO-FOUNDER / CEO

Clinton KeelerCO-FOUNDER / CTO
Clive SteinAdviser
Ivan GustavinoAdviser
Nick StamatiouAdviser

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