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Your data centre is now in a box. That’s cool.

Keeping the world’s data centers and server rooms cool consumes vast amounts of electricity. They emit as much CO2 as the entire airline industry. The noise generated by their cooling units renders vast areas of office space unusable. Even before you consider latency, it’s unsustainable.

Our products are designed to improve:

Uptime and space usage

Cyber and physical security

Risk from human error

Energy and noise efficiency

Self-learning and autonomy

Data sovereignty

Scalability as needed

Local storage/fast processing

The business case is simple

Zella DC helps you reclaim office space, reduce downtime, save on maintenance, and improve productivity through faster processing. But the main saving is in the energy costs. You’re left with a next-generation server room where only the servers are cooled, not the whole room.

Below is an independent assessment showing the savings our client received:

Traditional vs next-generation server room

A server room was replaced with two Zella DC units. All the existing IT equipment including UPS was transferred directly from existing server racks within the server room into the Zella DC units. The server room was monitored six months before the Zellaboxes took over and six months after.

“There were huge savings on power consumption. We conducted an analysis on one of our sites located out at a regional office in Papua New Guinea. The results were amazing and we noticed a huge difference in power consumption from the old infrastructure to the new Zella DC configuration.”

Ferdinand M. Daroya
Chief Information Officer, Kenmore Limited

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