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Frequently asked questions

Yes, depending on the model. You may need a qualified electrician to connect to mains power. The cooling systems can be installed by any local qualified contractor. No specialist Zella DC personnel is required.

Yes. The Zella DC has been designed with busy office environments in mind where people can work in very close proximity to the IT infrastructure.

Yes. The same features that make the Zella DC very quiet in office environments also protect your IT infrastructure in dusty/dirty environments.

No. The Zella DC eliminates the need for dedicated server rooms. The Zella DC can be placed anywhere on your premises such as hallways, meeting rooms, cafeterias, board rooms, and reception areas.

No. Your Zellabox has ingress protection from water.

Any rack mounted 19-inch equipment. Servers, switches & networking equipment.

Depending on the complexity of the environment but they can be installed within 1-2 hours.

In most cases an external condenser is required, which can be installed anywhere within 30m of the Zella DC. Buildings which have access to chilled water eliminate the need for an external condenser.

Yes. The Zella DC’s have been designed to modulate on site with a provided modulation kit. As your infrastructure requirement grows, additional Zella DC units can be added.

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